NeVeTeC is a company specialising in expunging (removing) criminal records since 2010.
We are well trusted in the process and already finalised more than 400 applications since 2010 when the legislation was introduced by the South African Government.

We have agents in most major cities in South Africa. Our agents come to you so you don’t have to see the inside of a police station again.

In locations where we do not have agents you simply make use of our Courier System.
Please follow the remove Criminal Record Qualification Test link to proceed with the process.
Thank you for entrusting NeVeTeC in assisting you with the process.

I WANT A CRIMINAL CLEARANCE REPORT                                                                                                                                                                                                    (48 HOUR CLEARANCE) -See example

Walk in service  

Book online in for a time slot that will suit you via EFT payment for your criminal clearance report.

This option is currently available only in Gauteng or Cape Town where there are walk-in centers available.

Call Out Service

For all other regions we still do have our very popular call out service available. – See call out service

Courier Service

If you stay in a smaller town you simply send your documents to our office. – See courier service


NeVeTeC specialise in all background verifications local and international.

Qualification verifications,                                             Full Driver’s License reports,                      

Transunion Comprehensive Credit Reports,                Pre-Employment reference checks,       

Global Criminality Database Checks,                           Translations of Documents.   




NeVeTeC – Linked to the Criminal Database of the South African Police

Fingerprint Criminal clearance within 48 hours
NeVeTeC Police Clearance is a service provider of IDECO AFISwitch who interfaces with the SAPS AFIS to validate the criminal record status of an individual.

Our system provides fingerprint electronic criminal record status checks, based on fingerprints using live scan or FBI-approved flatbed scanner fingerprint data.

NeVeTeC Police Clearance is a Service provider appointed to render this service to all Companies, Agencies and Institutions. (Corporate and Private)

NeVeTeC is a service provider of IDECO AFISwitch since 2007.

As published in the Government Gazette Vol. 496 dated 27 October 2006 No.29319 Notice 1502 The service was renderd to do all non Criminal Clearances to Ideco AFISwitch.