NeVeTeC Hand-to-Hand Service

NeVeTeC understands the importance of handling documentation and we make it our prerogative to ensure the safeguarding of our client’s documents. Therefore no direct courier liaisons with relevant government departments are included in our services.

We at NeVeTeC choose to personally handle our client’s documents from one department to the next.

Definition of Apostille

Consular Notarial Services are rendered to South African citizens and foreign nationals requiring South African official (public) documents to be legalised for use abroad. These services are rendered to provide legal validity to South African public documents to enable a person to use the documents outside the Republic of South Africa. Legalising documents means that official (public) documents executed within the Republic of South Africa for use outside the Republic of South Africa are affixed, sealed and signed either with an Apostille Certificate (where countries are party to The Hague Convention) or with a Certificate of Authentication (where countries are not party to The Hague Convention – see below countries)

  • Angola

  • Kuwait

  • Libya

  • Oman

  • Philippines

  • Qatar

  • Saudi Arabia

  • UAE


The Apostilling of Documents/Certification of Authentication are issued by the Department of International Relations and Co-operation (DIRCO)

(Terms and Conditions Apply)

DIRCO/Apostille/ Authentication of Documents(Pretoria)
Apostille of Unabridged Birth Certificate/Unabridged Marriage Certificate – 2-3 working days. (conditional to computerized certificate being issued by Department of Home Affairs)
High Court Apostille of Unabridged Birth Certificate/Unabridged Marriage Certificate (not issued by Department of Home Affairs but by Marriage officer; requires notary and signature by the registrar of High Court)
Apostille of Tertiary Qualification Certificate (Verification issued by Dept. of Higher Education and Apostille issued by DIRCO….SAQA then DIRCO)
Notarize of Document

Please note that the above services done by NeVeTeC are most commonly requested by our clients and doesn’t limit our company to provide the necessary services required by the applicant that are not listed above.

Should you require any other services or pricing, don’t hesitate to contact Stephen Johnson –

Authentication/Attestation of Documents by Embassy or Consulate

This a formal verification issued by an official at the Embassy or Consulate confirming the genuineness of a document or signature. It usually takes the form of a sealed or stamped certificate that confirms the authority of a public official (such as a judge or a notary public) or of a signatory at a government department.

For some countries, the attestation/authentication by the relevant Embassy/Country must be required after documents have been issued the Apostille Certificate or Certificate of Authentication by DIRCO in South Africa. For example, documents for Saudi Arabia requires this process.


The pricing for the above attestation requirements various as all embassies (represented by relevant countries) requests different attestation fees.

Our service cost would differ too (which is charged addition to the attestation fees charged by embassy/consulate), an attestation process differ among embassies/consulates (for example: attestation can take 1 day for UAE or 2-3 days for Angola) this would affect logistics to obtain the attested documents on your behalf and would affect pricing.

For more information, please contact Stephen Johnson – or

Terms and Conditions apply


  • This objective reflects our drive to be trusted by you, the Client in the “new public service”


  • Putting you, the Client first in all that we do and seeking to maintain appropriate levels of client satisfaction as new products, services and processes are introduced.


  • Providing business assurance, ensuring a reliable service and implementing an appropriate strategy, while pursuing continuous improvement and efficiency.


  • Our commitment to you, the Client means all information will be held confidential and we will ensure the information will be safeguarded and ensure you the client will receive documentation on time.


  • To ensure all Clients receive results and documentation on time.
  • To create a secure and convenient way of capturing fingerprints and receive results.
  • To ensure that, you, the Client, is satisfied with the standard of our service.


  • To reach all possible clients/customers
  • To accommodate them in the most cost efficient way possible.


  • To render the appropriate culture and values.
  • To ensure adequate staff on resources to meet demands of you the Client.
  • To provide excellent internal communications and celebrate achievements of NeVeTeC AFISwitch Client Service.


  • Providing business assurance and ensuring a reliable service, implementing an appropriate fee strategy, while pursuing continues improvement and efficiency gains.
  • NeVeTeC Police Clearance needs to deliver value for money and sound finances through efficient and effective processes that minimize the cost of the service to you, the Client.

This will be achieved by:

  • Measures to improve operational efficiency
  • Annual review of fees and funding
  • If you wish to receive further information on any of the issues in this document or have any questions relating to this service provided by NeVeTeC don’t hesitate to contact us.