Awaiting Trial Status

When do you qualify to investigate and correct the status of awaiting trial on your name?


You have just done your Fingerprint Background Screening. Your criminal clearance show “SAPS Verification Requested” or “Possible Illicit Activity Identify” which indicates you do have a possible criminal record on your name and you do know for a fact you do not have a criminal record on your name.



You have a report in your possession indicating: Awaiting Trial.

You know for a fact this case was finalised and there should be no awaiting trial on your name.

You now can appoint NeVeTeC to investigate!

The NeVeTeC Awaiting Trail Investigation Team does a proper investigation as to why the case was not removed from the Criminal Database of South Africa.

If we identified why the case was not finalised and removed from the Criminal Database, we request the various departments on your behalf to finalise the process in order to remove your Awaiting Trial Status.

If NeVeTeC could not resolve this matter as a mediator between you and the police you will be provided with an Investigation Report and will include a contact list should you need to take further steps to resolve this matter legally.

If you want to appoint NeVeTeC as your mediator please e-mail the following required documents to:

  1. Remove Awaiting Trial Consent documents
  2. Copy of your I.D. document
  3. Copy of your SAP69 document (The document that still shown Awaiting Trial)

If you are not in possession of a SAP69 document we do recommend you to do a Fingerprint Criminal Clearance through NeVeTeC, this can be done by Posting of SAPS Fingerprints / Call-Out Service / Walk-In Centre. This may add another 6 weeks to the process as we need to wait for a detailed report from SAPS.

The service fee of R2500-00 incl. VAT is paid (for banking details click here) and you will be invoiced after we received your Awaiting Trial Consent documentation. A NeVeTeC mediator will contact you and the process will begin. Please note this amount is payable per case to be investigated.

This process takes between 3-12 weeks and you will be updated every two weeks.

When the process is completed we do recommend you to do another Fingerprint Criminal Clearance through NeVeTeC, this can be done by Posting SAPS Fingerprints / Call-Out Service / Walk-In Centre or resubmission if you’ve done a 48-hour Clearance through NeVeTeC.

Please note NeVeTeC will do everything in our power to resolve this matter although there are no guarantees that we will succeed in all cases.