Thank you for entrusting NeVeTeC Police Clearance to manage your Police Clearance on your behalf, you made the right choice as we administrated Police Clearance Certificates for more than 15 years

Process to follow:

  1. You need to be in possession of your original fingerprints obtained from the police station, with a proof of payment of R170 paid at the police station. If you did not pay SAPS we will pay on your behalf. (Please choose the correct option on payment links below.)
  2. Make payment for collection of documents.

Choose one and pay via Payfast. After payment we will send courier service to collect documents from you.


Nevetec Collect and Deliver Documents from me R700-00


Nevetec needs to pay SAPS fee on my behalf(R170) R870-00

 Book collection online-  Book my collection

and email collection and delivery address to


If you are base in Cape Town or Pretoria you can hand deliver your documents to and from our office.

Admin and courier cost R480-00 Payable at office


Why choosing Nevetec to administrate my Police clearance?

When we received your documents at our office we hand deliver and collect your clearance from the Criminal Record Center in Pretoria.


  1. Nevetec do a five point checklist when we collect your clearance.

* Spelling of name, surname and all other demographics

*Country of birth on the certificate

* Police Clearance Certificate stamped

* Date on the certificate correct

* Certificate signed by official

If there are any mistakes we insist for a reprint on the spot. These safes you time and money

  1. We make sure your clearance is in process and on schedule weekly. 
  2. When we receive your Police Clearance Certificate, we immediately email you a  copy your certificate.
  3. We courier Police clearance certificate overnight to address you supplied.

Nevetec has more than 12 years’ experience, and we guarantee excellent service.

Please take note Nevetec do not make any false promises and we do not expedite.

Police takes 5-6 weeks currently.