Expungement – Remove of Old Criminal Records

Original price was: R2,500.00.Current price is: R2,000.00.


Your criminal record can be expunged with our help.
Currently, the procedure takes eight months to complete, depending on the departments’ workload.
In order to remove a criminal record, the following requirements must be fulfilled:
1. The record must be more than ten years old.
2. No jail term
3. The fine was less than R20,000.
4. No offenses involving sexual conduct

The R2000-00 Nevetec administrative cost includes a criminal background check and a final electronic screening to ensure that your record has been expunged. If there isn’t a walk-in center nearby, you need courier to the original paperwork and have your fingerprints taken at any of our agents nationwide.

  1. Appointment Letter to expungement criminal record
  2. Personal detail form
  3. New Indemnity

More Info: expungements@nevetec.co.za